Re-architect is a project by Waag Society and 7scenes and was created by Ronald Lenz. Waag Society is a medialab based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands that researches on how to apply technology creatively for social innovation, working in healthcare, arts & culture, education and the public domain. 7scenes is a sub of Waag Products that offers a mobile and online platform for GPS games and tours. Ronald Lenz works both as head of the Locative Atelier at Waag Society and creative director at 7scenes.

For more info on our projects please check the Waag Society and 7scenes website.

waagsoc_z 7scenes-logo1

7scenes presentation on SlideShare


For more info please contact Ronald Lenz at ronald[at]waag[dot]org, ronald[at]7scenes[dot]com or linkedin.


Thanks to all helping out on the project and for the support from the Hong Kong Design Institute, The Polytechnic University Hong Kong and NAi:

Liesbeth Bonekamp
Fanny Smelik
Edwin van Ouwerkerk Moria
Ron Boonstra
Bart Tunnissen
Gene Miao
Alvin Yip

Ling Wg
Henry Ma
Clifford Choy Sze Tsan
Vivian Cheng Wai Kwan
Davy NG Siu Yan
Walt Wong Kwing Hung
Joanna Cheng Kar Wai

hk-polyu NAi picture-24

and made possible by the EVD and sponsored by PCCW Mobile.

picture-21 pccw-mobile

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to redesign, make fundamental design changes

Re-architect is a game on urban design, play and transformation. The game takes players on a photographic treasure hunt along the architectural past, present and future of the city. As the game unfolds players are asked to respond to design principles, investigate their surroundings and photograph the city from different architectural perspectives.

Individually players will learn more on how they perceive the city, collectively all players create a new map of the city together.

Re-architect can both be played hi-tech, with GPS-enabled phones triggering game content by player’s positions and lo-fi using a hard-copy map.

Re-architect is also very much a discussion platform asking you to comment on the city’s changes not only from a architect’s perspective but also as a resident or visitor responding to public space. What kind of changes would you make in the city?

What would you re-architect?

Business of Design Week ’08

Re-architect is part of the DEtour program at Business of Design Week ’08 Hong Kong (BoDW). The BoDW is referred to as “one of the most significant annual events on the international design calendar , Asia’s leading design event on innovation, design and brand, attracts the best of the global design world to Hong Kong. “ (source

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