This section shows an overview of the different information sources that were researched in the making of “Re-architect”

Hong Kong Architecture (Wikipedia)
Chinese Architecture (Wikipedia)

Architectural design values (Wikipedia)

Hong Kong Architecture is driven by lack of space to a large extent. Hong Kong has been under the British and Chinese sphere of influence and this show up when it comes to architecture. Given here are some fine points of Hong Kong architecture:

Fusion of Styles

Architecture of modern Hong Kong is fantastic fusion of eastern and western styles. Several old buildings have been demolished to reclaim land for modern profit driven buildings. Buildings are made on the principle of functionality. As long as the building remains profitable, it exists, and then it is brought down.

Central District & Kowloon

High-rise buildings are mostly in and around Central District. Along Victoria Harbour, these sky-kissing structures make the skyline of Hong Kong. Several new buildings have come in existence in Kowloon too. Bank of China Tower is Hong Kong’s most famous buildings. Malls and departmental stores of Hong Kong have the ability to compete with any other place in the world.


Large number of Hong Kong’s old buildings have been pulled to earth to make way for modern buildings. However, some old classics are still in place. One of them is the Peninsular Hotel, considered to be one of the most magnificent hotels in Asia. Most famous of antique buildings of Hongkong is the Repulse Bay Hotel. It is a graceful pre-war structure. Few people know that it was dismantled but was later rebuilt. In no time, the new structure regained its old glory.

Influence of Feng Shui

Feng Shui, which literally translates as ‘wind and water’ is a system of ancient Chinese guidelines to achieve harmony with natural forces. The people of Hongkong have full faith in Feng Shui and it shows in architecture. Even the ultra-modern buildings have been designed keeping the principles of Feng Shui in mind.

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to redesign, make fundamental design changes

Re-architect is a game on urban design, play and transformation. The game takes players on a photographic treasure hunt along the architectural past, present and future of the city. As the game unfolds players are asked to respond to design principles, investigate their surroundings and photograph the city from different architectural perspectives.

Individually players will learn more on how they perceive the city, collectively all players create a new map of the city together.

Re-architect can both be played hi-tech, with GPS-enabled phones triggering game content by player’s positions and lo-fi using a hard-copy map.

Re-architect is also very much a discussion platform asking you to comment on the city’s changes not only from a architect’s perspective but also as a resident or visitor responding to public space. What kind of changes would you make in the city?

What would you re-architect?

Business of Design Week ’08

Re-architect is part of the DEtour program at Business of Design Week ’08 Hong Kong (BoDW). The BoDW is referred to as “one of the most significant annual events on the international design calendar , Asia’s leading design event on innovation, design and brand, attracts the best of the global design world to Hong Kong. “ (source

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